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New iCSP Network Launched

Network to facilitate and promote members’ learning on public health issues

This network has been launched to facilitate and promote members’ learning on public health issues, with a focus on physical activity and to further support members in the exciting evolution of physiotherapy practice.

  • How is physiotherapy connected to physical activity?
  • How can physiotherapists support people to tackle obesity?
  • How can physiotherapists encourage older people to maintain/regain an active lifestyle?

These are all highly topical questions that can be discussed on the new Move for Health interactive CSP network.

Maintaining the health of the nation is a huge concern for UK governments and has/have become a hot topic in national press and media. Issues such as childhood obesity, exercise and lifestyle have brought into question what physiotherapists are doing to maintain the health of society and to prevent the health adverse consequences of certain lifestyle choices.

This new network will give you an opportunity to share ideas, discuss concerns, post documents and be updated with news related to physiotherapy and physical activity.