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Bringing the sports therapy world together, from amateur participant to medical professional


The Physio Blog aims to make the world of the sports medicine and musculoskeletal health accessible to the general public.

Articles and features about injury and treatment along with latest research and development will be aimed at the professional practitioner and patient.

The ORGANISATIONS section brings you details on the various medical professions to allow you to make an informed choice.

Our REVIEWS section takes a look at products such as braces and supports, sports drinks, fitness equipment and publications….This is where we welcome input from anybody who may have found a particular book helpful or want to tell the world about a great new knee brace they have discovered.

The LATEST NEWS section looking at what’s new in the medical field and latest research and journal articles.

The MEDICAL BOOKS store has a wide range of publications for the student and bookworm.


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The Physio Blog is a trading name of  The group