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Archives for November, 2013

According to a recent NHS Choices article, swaddling babies or wrapping them tightly may lead to hip damage.

Baby wrapped in blankets

Could the centuries old practice of “Swaddling” damage young hips?

Since Prince George was seen leaving the hospital after his birth, apparently tightly wrapped, it has been suggested that swaddling may have come back into fashion.

Indeed, babycare shops seem to be reporting increased demand for shawls and baby blankets.

But Professor Nicholas Clarke, an orthopaedic surgeon from Southampton University Hospital, argues that swaddling may have an adverse effect on the development of young hips.

He says that swaddling (tightly wrapping a baby) forces the hips into a straightened position where the legs are pressed together, which may lead to a condition called hip dysplasia.

Problems may not show up at a young age and could lead to a higher possibility of hip replacement later in life.

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