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Deployed air bag in car

In December 2012 the UK government unveiled plans to reduce the huge number of whiplash claims which have been pushing up insurance premiums.

An article published by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and the Guardian newspaper told how Justice secretary, Chris Grayling, launched a

consultation on creating new independent medical panels to improve diagnosis of whiplash injuries.

This aims to ensure that genuine claims can still go ahead, but exaggerated, misrepresented or fraudulent claims are robustly challenged.

It will also consult on options to allow more whiplash cases to be challenged in the small claims court and to change the current position where it can be cheaper for insurance companies to accept questionable claims than to contest them.

Medical panel experts have warned that physiotherapists might end up being excluded from the medical panels.

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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (members access only) – Physios could be sidelined by latest whiplash proposals

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